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Buddy Club Super Thermo Bandage is made of a special ceramic fiber material which offers better thermal insulation properties when compared to thero wraps made from traditional materials such as fiberglass or asbestos.


Buddy Club's special ceramic material allows superior high heat durability and is able to withstand temperatures up to 1260°C! 


Buddy Club Super Thermo Bandage has a special steel wire weaved into its fabric, this gives it the bandage the ability to be molded into the shape of the part it is being used on, making the wrapping process easier for the user.


When heated up, Buddy Club Super Thermo Wrap keeps it bright white color; now users can have the heat protection they need while keeping their engine bay looking clean.


Included with Buddy Club Super Thermo Wrap are special stainless steel bands used to secure the wrap in place, everything you need all in one box.

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