Racing Spec Dampers inherited the same great quality of the P-1 racing damper. Each Racing Spec Damper is made with special components anda are tested and produced without compromise. Each damper is assembled by skilled engineers to provide the best quality possible.

Racing Spec Dampers use a mono tube design shell case instead of an inferior ordinary cartridge type design.


Buddy Club has eliminated the need for helper springs by using the adjustable bracket system. A Super low ride-height is possible without having any free play of the springs. One complete turn of the adjusting bracket will lower the ride-height approximately 2mm.



20 different damping settings are possible with just a click on a knob. Inverted shocks (MacPherson) have the adjustment knob on the bottom of the shell case while standard design shocks have the adjustment knob on the top of the rod. The basic compression (softest setting) offers excellent comfort for daily street use of the suspension kit. About 4kg/mm spring rate increase is expected with the damping force is set to its stiffest setting.



All of our components are made from lightweight aluminum and many are machine forged, this gives the Racing Spec Damper the advantage of being super light and super strong. All of aluminum components are hard anodized using our own special process, this insures great looks and corrosion resistance for years to come.


Buddy Club offers rebuild services for all of our Dampers including the Racing Spec. Buddy Club knows that racing and hard spirited driving can take a toll on even the highest quality dampers such as the Racing Spec Damper so Buddy Club's rebuild service will get them back to performing as good as new.

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