The P1 Racing Front Camber Kit offers a low profile design which allows for 5mm of extra clearance between the the top of the camber kit and the bottom of the strut tower as compared to other camber kits.

The P1 Racing Camber Kit also offers a specially designed reinforced center area to help prevent distortion of the metal caused by overtightening of the adjustment screws or under severe stress.


BuddyClub P1 Racing Camber Kits allow for camber adjustment on vehicles where camber adjustment isn't available with the factory components.


The ability to adjust camber gives the user to get the perfect settings for: dial camber settings for the best performance on the track, return wheel alignment sets back to factory settings on a lowered car, or run negative camber to fit wheel and tire combinations that wouldnt fit with factory camber settings.

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  • Acura

    • Integra (90-01 Front & Rear)

    • RSX (Rear)

  • Honda

    • Civic (1988-1991 Rear)​

    • Civic (1992-2000 Front & Rear)​

    • Civic (2001-2005 Rear)

    • Civic (2006-2015 Rear)

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